The Office of the University Chaplain is committed to the mission of the Earl Hall Center (which includes Earl Hall and St. Paul’s Chapel). As stated in the University Statutes, the Earl Hall Center’s mission is to further spiritual, philanthropic, and religious life of the University. The policy identifies three categories or groups or individuals whose activities have differing priorities for space usage. The highest priority goes to Earl Hall Affiliates. Second priority goes to University Affiliates, and third priority goes to non-University groups and individuals. (For more information please see Who Can Use the Earl Hall Center).

With this goal in mind, the following is the policy for space usage in the Earl Hall Center, with an emphasis on activities that are not appropriate for our venues:

  • Earl Hall/St. Paul’s Chapel is not a space for parties or other activities involving dancing or music that may interfere with other events in the building.
  • Earl Hall/St. Paul’s Chapel is not a rehearsal space.
  • Earl Hall/St. Paul’s Chapel is not a space for filming or photo shoots, with the exception of weddings, memorial services, or christenings. Taking photographs and filming in the Chapel may prevent other from praying, meditating or reflecting.
  • St. Paul’s Chapel is not an appropriate venue for traditional outdoor games, sports or other activities of this nature.
  • St. Paul’s Chapel floor is made of marble that can become slippery. For that reason, we do not allow the throwing of objects such as flowers, rose petals, rice, birdseed, or bubbles.
  • Runners, regardless of what materials they are made of, are prohibited in St. Paul’s Chapel.
  • The use of candles or open flames on the aisle of St. Paul’s or anyplace that such objects might come in contact with people, furniture, or clothing is prohibited. Please call the Administrative Office of St. Paul’s Chapel to inquire about the placement of candles and candleholders, as well as the type of candles you may use for your ceremony.
  • No balloons or pets are permitted in Earl Hall/St. Paul’s Chapel.


I. Earl Hall Affiliates

  • Office of the University Chaplain
  • Religious Life Advisers (RLA) for worship services
  • Community Impact (CI)

The Pre-calendaring process allows Earl Hall affiliates to request space in the Earl Hall Center for the subsequent term. It is held twice a year in order to identify dates and locations in advance. For Pre-calendaring requests go to Online Scheduling.

II. Columbia University Recognized Student Group

These groups will usually pay no fees for the use of space. The fee for use of space does not include any labor, cleanup, security, and/or proctor fees. Charges for the cost of security, maintenance, and staffing, as determined by the Office of the University Chaplain, will be charged to the group’s account.

III. University Affiliates

  • Columbia University schools and departments
  • Columbia University undergraduate, graduate, and professional students

IV. Non-University Groups and Private Events

  • Non-Columbia individuals, groups, and organizations
  • Columbia individuals for personal events

These groups or individuals will pay the regular fees for the use of space. The fee for use of space does not include cleanup, security, and/or proctor fees. A security deposit, which will be returned as soon as possible after the event subject to the conditions of the contract, will also be collected at the time your reservation is made.


Forms for precalendaring and space reservation can be found here.