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 Office of the University Chaplain

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Welcome Reception for Muslim Life Coordinator Amina Darwish

Why this Holocaust survivor still wears his concentration camp uniform

Ed Mosberg’s hands stay steady as he slips into the striped cotton jacket and matching cap — an outfit identical to one he was issued 75 years ago, as a prisoner of the Plaszów concentration camp in Poland.

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KGF Amman Photos

Some photos from the Kraft Global Fellows trip in Amman, Jordan so far!

Kraft Global Fellows Jordan Arrival in Amman

Thousands Once Spoke His Language in the Amazon. Now, He’s the Only One.

Je’intavea’, he said that sweltering day in 1999. I am so ill.

The words were Taushiro. A mystery to linguists and anthropologists alike, the language was spoken by a tribe that vanished into the jungles of the Amazon basin in Peru generations ago, hoping to save itself from the invaders whose weapons and diseases had brought it to the brink of extinction.

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Parish priest breaks the silence, shares that he is gay

“Today, I break the silence and emerge free from the shackles of shame placed upon me at a young age. There is so much to speak about, to repair and to heal — much beyond the limits of these words in print.” – Fr. Gregory Greiten

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Women of Faith

Rev. Jewelnel Davis says that part of her work is to walk tenderly through difficult emotions.

“This is going to sound sad, and I’m not sad about it,” she says in her basement office at St. Paul’s Chapel at Columbia University. “Chaplains are the keepers of secrets and the keepers of the dead. A lot of the time we are listening to where the soul aches.”

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Welcome Amina!

UN Sees Global Rise in E-Waste, but Very Little is Properly Recycled

There were 44.7 million metric tons of electronic waste produced in 2016, says a new report from the United Nations. The Global E-waste Monitor report, released on Wednesday, says that’s about equal to 4,500 Eiffel Towers. When breaking it down, that means a family of four generates about 176-pounds of discarded electronics in a year.

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