Office of the University Chaplain’s Kraft Global Fellows Program

The Office of the University Chaplain’s Kraft Global Fellows Program is an initiative of the Kraft Family Fund for Intercultural and Interfaith Awareness. At designated academic breaks, the Kraft Global Fellows Program will support up to five students to travel to one of the Columbia Global Centers (CGC) as a team to conduct research for a particular set of questions or inquiries. Generally, Chaplain Davis will serve as Program Director and will be present for some portion of the time.

Hear more about our last Programs:

KGF| Nairobi 2019

KGF| Beijing 2018

KGF| Santiago 2017

KGF| Kenya 2016

and the program before that, which went to Istanbul:


If you have questions about this program or wish to know more about upcoming Kraft Global Fellow deadlines, please send an email to

To learn more about the Columbia Global Centers, please visit

Applications are due on October 15th, 2019: click the link below


Chaplain’s Tea

Multiple times a semester, Chaplain Davis will host student leaders at her home for a Chaplain’s Tea. These gatherings are designed to give student leader’s the opportunity to share with the Chaplain, and each other, their reflections about life on campus, any concerns they might have, and serve as an opportunity to foster deeper connections amongst leaders of different groups at Columbia.