After a Berber man whose family has worked in ceramics for generations showed the group to the cave where he collects his clay, Jack has a hand at sculpting a vase on the pottery wheel.

Denisse and Luke return from a beautiful excursion into the desert on camelback.

Maryam smiling with her new friend prior to our desert adventure in Douz, known as the “Gateway to the Sahara.”

The Kraft Global Fellow in Maliki mosque with Imam Miknassi.

The Kraft Global Fellows visited a traditional Berber house in Matmata, a town in central Tunisia. Families carve these dwellings out of soft earth and—note the satellite dish—have had electricity since the 1970s with the more recent addition of cable.

Annie and Jack enjoy the change of scenery from New York traffic and terrain during a rest stop in the desert on the way to Douz.

Chaplain Davis, Joshua Nacht, and Haim Bitan, Grand Rabbi of Tunisia.

Luke, Jack, Aanand, and Josh pose at a desert overlook in Matmata, not far from one of Star Wars’ filming locations.

Chaplain Davis and students brave the Tunisian desert on ATV, all sporting traditional Berber clothing as protection from sand and wind.