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NYC Hosts One of the Biggest US Tributes to Sikh Culture

“NEW YORK — New York is hosting one of the biggest tributes to Sikh culture in America — a parade down Madison Avenue capped by a sea of turbans.

The Saturday afternoon gathering of thousands of ethnic Sikhs is officially called a “meditation celebration.” But it’s mostly a boisterous walk to live music, with participants wearing the stylish, multi-colored clothing of their culture. On the sidelines of the annual event, vendors offer homemade Indian food.”

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Paul Ryan Forces Out House Priest

“US House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan forced out the Jesuit priest who had served as House chaplain since 2011, in an apparent partisan squabble, a new report said Thursday.”

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A Lynching Memorial Is Opening. The Country Has Never Seen Anything Like It.

“MONTGOMERY, Ala. — In a plain brown building sits an office run by the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles, a place for people who have been held accountable for their crimes and duly expressed remorse.

Just a few yards up the street lies a different kind of rehabilitation center, for a country that has not been held to nearly the same standard.

The National Memorial for Peace and Justice, which opens Thursday on a six-acre site overlooking the Alabama State Capitol, is dedicated to the victims of American white supremacy. And it demands a reckoning with one of the nation’s least recognized atrocities: the lynching of thousands of black people in a decades-long campaign of racist terror.”

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U.S. Must Resume DACA and Accept New Applications, Federal Judge Rules

“In the biggest setback yet for the Trump administration in its decision to end a program that protects undocumented young adults from deportation, a federal judge ruled Tuesday that the government must resume accepting new applications.”

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How This African-American Filmmaker Was Inspired By African Indians

“Feeling a connection to their struggles, Asha Stuart sought to shine a light on the resilient Siddi community.

In this short by Asha Stuart, get a rare look inside the Siddi tribal villages and explore the cultural diversity of this forgotten community. The Short Film Showcase spotlights exceptional short videos created by filmmakers from around the web and selected by National Geographic editors. The filmmakers created the content presented, and the opinions expressed are their own, not those of National Geographic Partners.

This story is part of Women of Impact, a National Geographic project centered around women breaking barriers in their fields, changing their communities, and inspiring action.”

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Howard Schultz Says Starbucks Manager Showed her own ‘Unconscious Bias’ — and Possibly ‘Racial Profiling’

“The white Starbucks manager who called 911 on two African American men last week is no longer with the company, with Starbucks’s executive chairman saying the manager likely acted on her own “unconscious bias” when she decided to involve the police.”

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Kraft Global Fellows

Plean join us in congratulating the Spring 2018 Kraft Global Fellows!

Silence No More: Candlelight Vigil Against Sexual Violence

Please come and join us, this Friday at 6:30pm at Earl Hall.

Sam Goldberg, Hannah Bender Named Valedictorian, Salutatorian

Congratulations to Sam Goldberg and our Kraft Global Fellow, Hannah Bender!

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21 Racial Microaggressions You Hear On A Daily Basis

“Photographer Kiyun asked her friends at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center campus to “write down an instance of racial microaggression they have faced.”

The term “microaggression” was used by Columbia professor Derald Sue to refer to “brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioral, or environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative racial slights and insults toward people of color.” Sue borrowed the term from psychiatrist Dr. Chester Pierce who coined the term in the ’70s.”

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