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Sonia Sotomayor Delivers Sharp Dissent in Travel Ban Case

“Steely and unwavering, she began: “The United States of America is a nation built upon the promise of religious liberty. Our founders honored that core promise by embedding the principle of religious neutrality in the First Amendment.””

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Baccalaureate 2018

Youtube Channel

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KGF Beijing News Recap

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Kraft Global Fellowship | Beijing, China 2018

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Please Join us for Beautiful Music and Art this Summer!

A Simple Way to Improve a Billion Lives: Eyeglasses

“PANIPAT, India — Shivam Kumar’s failing eyesight was manageable at first. To better see the chalkboard, the 12-year-old moved to the front of the classroom, but in time, the indignities piled up.

Increasingly blurry vision forced him to give up flying kites and then cricket, after he was repeatedly whacked by balls he could no longer see. The constant squinting gave him headaches, and he came to dread walking home from school.”

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25 Influential American Muslims

“Who speaks for American Muslims? The short answer is, no one. No individual or group can claim to speak for this country’s nearly 3.5 million Muslims, a diverse and dynamic population that’s expected to double by 2050. Instead we see spheres of influence that sometimes intersect and overlap.

CNN spent a year interviewing more than 100 American Muslims, asking who they think are the most influential Muslims in their fields. We sought nominees for whom religion is part of their public identity, but other than that, we let American Muslims do most of the talking.”

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Their Ancestors Were on Opposite Sides of a Lynching. Now, They’re Friends.

““The hanging.”

For years, Karen Branan, a white woman from Georgia, kept at a safe distance the haunting words that her grandmother had spoken. Ms. Branan was an inquisitive journalist, but she refused to explore a hanging that her grandmother had said was one of her most unforgettable memories. She was afraid of what she might learn.

But in 1986, when she learned that she was going to have a racially mixed grandchild, Ms. Branan felt compelled to dig up the truth. She discovered that her relatives had been part of a mob that had lynched four black people — three men and a woman — in Hamilton, Ga., in 1912.”

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NYC Hosts One of the Biggest US Tributes to Sikh Culture

“NEW YORK — New York is hosting one of the biggest tributes to Sikh culture in America — a parade down Madison Avenue capped by a sea of turbans.

The Saturday afternoon gathering of thousands of ethnic Sikhs is officially called a “meditation celebration.” But it’s mostly a boisterous walk to live music, with participants wearing the stylish, multi-colored clothing of their culture. On the sidelines of the annual event, vendors offer homemade Indian food.”

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